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In 1997 I bought my first female and male
middle-European (accipiter-gentillis) goshawk with the intention to start my own breeding program.

After 2 years studying the behaviour of these birds,
I paired the first 2 middle -European goshawks together as a couple.
In 2000 I had my first success, the first young middle-European goshawks chicks were born.

In 2001 I traded a female middle-European goshawk with a friend of mine. From German colleage i cach a male in order to create new bloodlines of my own.

In 2003 the birds copulated extremely well, witch resulted in the forming of a second couple.

Since 2008 I am breeding with 3 couples of
middle-European goshawks, of witch the first one was the hardest.
The female bird showed her more aggressively towards the male bird as she got older.

All the fertilised eggs come from natural fertilisation and all the chicks are raised by either the natural parents or adoption parents.
All the young birds have an extremely good character.

The young female middle-European goshawks have a hunting weight during the first year between 950 and 1020 grams and the male between 600 and 660 grams. The molt weight about 1350- 1400 and 750-800 gram